A Cloquet man has gone missing and the Cloquet Police Department, along with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, has issued a Missing Person Alert with the hope of having the public help locate his whereabouts.

Larry Kallberg is an 82 year-old-man who was last seen leaving his home on Tuesday, May 30 at around 4:00 p.m. He was driving a beige 2009 Chevrolet Taho with Minnesota license plate DMC282. Not only was his destination unknown, but Larry doesn't have his cell phone with him so there is no way to contact him directly or figure out his recent locations.

The description listed on the Missing Person Alert says Larry Kallberg is 5 feet, 7 inches tall, weighs 185 pounds, and has grey hair and hazel eyes. He is wearing black cargo or carpenter pants and a black polo t-shirt with thin horizontal blue stripes. He also usually wears a baseball cap with "Vietnam Vet" on the front, which you can see in one of the pictures provided.

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The Cloquet Police Department initially stated in the alert that he was not believed to be in immediate danger, but they along with those that care for him would like to find him to ensure he is safe.

UPDATE: The Cloquet Poice Department canceled the Missing Person Alert Thursday as, thankfully, Larry returned home safe.

Hopefully, everyone shares his Missing Person Alert whether they've seen him or not because the more people who are aware of Larry's disappearance, the better chance that someone who has seen him will notify authorities.

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