The term 'cringeworthy' gets thrown around a lot, but not often does a situation fit the term perfectly. Cringeworthy, however, is the perfect way to describe the situation that unfolded Monday with a Minnesota State Senator while casting a vote on the Legislative Audit Commission.

There are several ways someone could go viral and get famous, but this isn't likely the way Minnesota Senator Calvin Bahr wanted it to happen.

According to, it was during the vote on the Legislative Audit Commission, when Senator Calvin Bahr, a Republican, went to sound his vote via Zoom. As he appeared on camera, he was shirtless and lying in bed. Even better, a still image of the anthropomorphic bill character from "Schoolhouse Rock!" was featured in the background.

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After he quickly gives his "yes" vote, he turns the camera upwards and turns off the video so it's a black screen that just shows "Sen. Cal Bahr."

As you see the classic moment pass, you'll notice several people who were at the in-person meeting room smiling in the background after the camera switches back.

Why would he go on camera shirtless? is reporting that A GOP Senate spokeswoman said Bahr had worked until 4:45 a.m. at his job as a truck driver and then went to bed Monday morning. Hey, at least he made the meeting, right?

Needless to say, it didn't take long for the moment to be spread throughout social media, as you can see from a few Twitter examples below.

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