I noticed earlier this month that there was work being done on the old Minit Mart location on Tower, Avenue in Superior. It's been closed for the last few years. Quite a few smaller gas stations closed in Superior, with this location being one of them.

Before it was a Minit Mart, it was a Little Store for years in the location.

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The building at 2104 Tower Avenue was boarded up and remained that way for some time. The gas pumps were also removed. Does that mean it won't be a gas station?

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It turns out that it will be a new type of gas station and convenience store. The location has been purchased by SQRL. It's pronounced like the animal, Squirrel. According to the company, the name comes from its core values: Service, Quality, Relationships, and Loyalty.

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SQRL says they are changing the convenience store and fuel business by offering premium fuel and also hybrid ev charging technology. Some of their stores utilize solar panels and other green energy to support their operations. SQRL's about page says they are the pioneer of fossil fuel and hybrid EV charging stations.

Judging by the layout of the current building, we could expect to see something similar to this station that opened recently in Missouri.

SQRL also works to reduce its carbon footprint by partnering with local businesses and suppliers. Who should they partner with in our region? By sourcing local products, companies can reduce the amount of fuel and energy used to transport goods across the country. It also helps support the local community.

A quick job search shows they are hiring in the Superior area for employees. Keep checking back for updates on when this new store will open in Superior.

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