Just in time for Valentine's Day, here's something to cheer up anyone looking for love in the Cheesehead State. A new study says Wisconsin is one of the best states for single people. The study was released on Monday (January 29th).

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WalletHub concocted this study, and they even took some current circumstances into their methodology, like the fact that we are dealing with high inflation at the moment. They considered which states had low costs of living, since it would be cheaper to go on dates and your income would go a little bit further than those with a higher cost of living.

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Of course, they also looked at other factors, like how many single adults there are, online dating opportunities, mobile dating opportunities, median household income, restaurants per capita, movie theaters per capita, and more.

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So Where Did Wisconsin Rank?

With all these factors being taken into consideration, Wisconsin was named the seventh best state for singles. While Wisconsin didn't cut it in the top five or the bottom five with any of the factors listed above, they did rank high when it came to the 'romance and fun' rank which counts for something.

Wisconsin also scored quite high in the 'dating economics' rank which means that it is not too costly to go on dates, whether it be due to a low cost of living or a higher median income. Making the top ten isn't too shabby!

What About Minnesota?

Minnesota wasn't too far behind, coming in at number thirteen. Minnesota has one of the highest median incomes in the country, according to this study, which made it a top five contender for 'dating economics' rank.

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We just cracked the top twenty in terms of the 'romance and fun' rank which means we have some work to do to catch up to Wisconsin. Nevertheless, cracking the top fifteen overall isn't bad news. Nice work, Minnesotans!

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