It's a long-standing tradition and one that means a lot to both the community and the crew itself.  For the 21st year in a row, the Duluth Fire Department helped raise funds and bought toys to support the Salvation Army's Toyland Express.  The toy drive helps to make sure that children in need don't go without this holiday season.

Similar to what they've done in years past, the Duluth Fire Department collected funds from its members to buy those toys for Northland children in need.  This year the department was able to collect more than $4,000 in donations.  Those cash donations were then used to complete local children's Christmas wish lists.

Recently, members of the Duluth Fire Department took the funds that they had collected and went to Target to spend them on the Christmas gifts they plan to donate. They shared details and pictures from the shopping trip on their social media:

It's worth noting that what's become an annual holiday tradition was born out of an inter-department challenge between the firefighters and their police brothers in service.  Back in 2001, the Duluth Police Department first challenged the members of the Duluth Fire Department to see who could raise more funds for the Salvation Army's Toyland Express toy drive.  That original challenge between the two departments only lasted that first year.  However, the Duluth Fire Department has continued to raise money to shop for Duluth children ever since.

According to their website, the mission for the Duluth Fire Department shows that they are "[d]edicated to saving life and property by safeguarding...citizens through progressive code enforcement, fire prevention, public education, effective emergency response, and adapting  to meet the changing needs of our community".

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