The package didn't arrive at his own home address, but a Superior man is accused of having a 32-pound box of marijuana shipped to a vacant, bank-owned property that was on the same block as the home he lived in.   Nicholas Zane Worley is facing felony charges in connection with the incident that happened in April.

Authorities believe that Nicholas Zane Worley had the box delivered to an address he knew was vacant and then planned to "collect" the drugs once they were delivered.

That's exactly what they observed him doing before they arrested him.  Zane, 35, faced his first preliminary court appearance on May 9 and "waived the time limits" according to details shared in an article in the Superior Telegram [paywall].  He's currently listed on the Douglas County Jail Roster, facing a $2,500 cash bond.

Investigators were led to Zane's activities following a tip from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Police Department:

"[The Airport Police] informed detectives with the Superior Police Department....that they intercepted a package containing approximately 30 pounds of marijuana that was being shipped from California to a Superior address."

WIth the tip, the Superior Police were able to determine that the box of drugs was headed to a property owned by Federal National Mortgage Association. They obtained a search warrant and "conducted a controlled delivery of the package to the front door of the property".

With the delivery in place, Superior Police set up a "watch" to observe what went on. That's when the suspect, Worley, entered the activity:

"They observed Worley, who lives two doors down, walk to a pickup truck, make a U-turn and park in front of the bank-owned home.  The Superior man reportedly walked up to the front door, grabbed the package, and walked back to the truck and placed it in the box of his vehicle."

After driving away in the pickup truck, police investigators initially lost track of the suspect.  However, he returned to his home shortly - in the pickup truck - with the package of marijuana in the box - and parked in his driveway.

Authorities arrested Worley at that time.

Upon executing the search warrant, they found that the box Worley "collected" at the home two doors down contained "25 air-sealed bags filled with a 32.8 pounds of marijuana total". The police later searched Worley's residence:

"[Inside Worley's home, they found] a glass pipe and a cigarette containing a green plant material; 10 capsules identified as Adderall; two marijuana vape e-cigarettes; $1,000 in cash; and vacuum seal bags similar to the ones the marijuana had been shipped in".

Following his arrest, Worley now faces a variety of felony charges.  According to the Douglas County Jail Roster, some of those charges include "possession with intent to deliver marijuana and possession of narcotic drugs".  In addition, he also faces several misdemeanors for possession of drug paraphernalia.  If convicted, the felony for intent to deliver carries a "maximum penalty of 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $50,000".

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