In our post or mostly post-COVID world we live in, it's not hard to tell that just about every industry is struggling to hire and retain employees.

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Many of us see it most at restaurants that are short-staffed and a lot of customer service type industries, but it's much more than that.  Even some great paying trades type jobs are having trouble getting enough employees who want to work.

One particular industry struggling is law enforcement.  It wasn't that long ago and if you applied to be a police officer, you might be up against several dozens of candidates with potentially slim chances of getting a gig where you want to live.  Now, it seems like many agencies are hiring all of the time.

The City of Superior Police Department started posting they were hiring for all kinds of positions in late July.  What caught my attention was people being able to apply with zero experience or law enforcement training.

They are able to do this because if you are hired, they put you through a 19-week police academy which they pay you to attend.  After that, you spend 14-16 weeks with a field training officer to get you dialed in for the job.

According to their post, they have standard street officer positions and opportunities to get in on being a motorcycle officer, UTV officer, and even being on their dive team.

If you're just starting to figure out your career or need a mid-career change of pace, it's another employment option to consider with some great benefits.

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