As far as opportunities to visit Santa around the Twin Ports, there are several options leading up to Christmas.

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Many people go with the old visiting Santa at the mall routine, which is fine of course but can cost you some coin especially if you want photos.  The Miller Hill Mall in Duluth has several opportunities this season and you can make a reservation for those visits.

Another great option for a Santa visit is at the well-known and very popular Bentleyville "Tour of Lights".  Bentleyville has plenty to offer the whole family at no cost unless you are able to donate to the cause and it's always a good time.  There you can visit Mr. and Mrs. Claus and you may event get a surprise visit from the Grinch.

There are also options in the area for less loud and boisterous visits with Santa that might benefit some kiddos.  Sometimes individuals with autism, sensory integration disorder or other special needs might handle a quieter and more intimate environment setup that's more low-key but still give them a great experience.

Fairlawn Mansion in Superior, WI is one such venue offering a "Quiet Santa" experience.  To make it even better, the thirty-minute sessions with Santa are free to attend.  You will need to book a session in advance and keep in mind they are filling up fast with openings listed at the time of writing this on December 3rd, 4th, and 5th.  There are a couple of rules in place for the visits with Santa including guests are required to remain on the first floor and should refrain from touching any artifacts.

Book a time slot now to avoid missing out on this free opportunity for those who need it.

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