When it comes to movies for 2023, the two I was really looking forward to were John Wick: Chapter 4 and Oppenheimer.  Sure there were, and are more coming out that I won't miss in theaters, but those two topped the list and did not disappoint.

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One I didn't plan on seeing in theaters but I knew I probably would because of our 11-year-old, was Barbie.  Even though I dug the humor in the trailers, my wife didn't have any interest in going and it's not one I was going to grab the boys and go to for a guys night.

I took a few days off before starting a new gig a couple of weeks ago and decided to take the daughter for a mid-morning weekday showing for an overload of pink and I wasn't sure what else.

As a guy who prefers action, horror, intense dramas, and laugh till you cry comedy films, I can say I wasn't bored during Barbie.  There were no points where I was waiting for it to just be over, like has happened at several DC Comic movies such as Aquaman.

Was I super engaged?   No, but it had moments where I chuckled and laughed and it had just enough adult suggestions to help me enjoy it.  Plus, let's be honest, if you're a visual person, between Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling depending on your preference, the scenery was something for almost anyone.

The story is decent enough, the acting was cheesy in parts but designed that way and worked well, and Will Ferrell's humor is typical for his non-leading character rolls.

I can't forget to mention that Rhea Perlman is also in the film, though not for long, but she's such a classic actress, it was cool to see her on the big screen again.

So even if you're a person who "wouldn't be caught dead at Barbie", maybe give it a try, it just might surprise you.  It was also neat to see couples all dressed up for it, and everyone was just having fun, like going to the movies should be.  It might be the movie of the year for sales, probably not for legit being the best film, but Barbie still holds a decent place as solid enough entertainment.

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