Our daughter just started 6th grade and is of course all about the various themed days the school has.

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Usually, we find out about these the night before at around eight or nine so that makes it really easy and stress free figuring out outfits for her.  Recently, a sports themed day was happening, and she wanted to wear her mom's decently revealing legit Viking costume.  That was a hard no and a fun conversation at nine at night before bed.

My wife then pulled a jersey of mine out of the closet and asked if she could wear it instead.  I said yes and left it at that.  The next morning, I received a phone call about a major meltdown involving the jersey and how her mom decided to not let her wear it because of the number on it.  The number as you can see in the picture is "69".

I'm not the biggest sports fan but I had a chance to score a jersey for pretty cheap and it was a Jared Allen one with his Minnesota Vikings number.  I had the "Allen" removed and added "Danger".  My wife's argument was that because of the number she didn't want our 6th grade kiddo wearing it to school.

I stand firm that it's just a number, and it isn't a big deal.  It's not like there are any pictures denoting what that number may or may not mean other than what it is, and just a number.

So, I ask you, what do you think?  Would this have been an okay jersey to send your daughter to school in for a sports themed day in 6th grade?

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