Only a couple of months back I was geeking out over the first episode of Star Trek: Picard Season 3.  Now, after 10 episodes total, it's all over.

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I won't spoil the last episode or even most of the final season of the show, so if you were concerned with spoilers, don't be.  Season 3 has some real banger episodes, but I was skeptical with there only being 10 total.  How do you bring back a lot of the beloved Star Trek: The Next Generation cast for essentially a reunion and tie up loose ends in that short of a run?

As the final season reached episode 9, I decided there was no way it could be wrapped up in one final episode.  Maybe if it was two hours long, but it was slated to be just 63 minutes.

Somehow the writers and directors pulled it off.  Episode 10 of Star Trek: Picard Season 3 was beautifully written, and I think left a lot of fans satisfied.  From all of the social media scrolling I've done on Star Trek Facebook pages; the final episode has the least complaints of any Trek content I've seen for the last 15 years.

Loaded with action, packed with emotion, some humor, and a happyish ending, the Next Generation chapter is closed.  Being I consider myself a massive fan, I'm not sad it's over even though I enjoy the characters, I'm simply content and thankful Paramount Plus helped gives us what they did.  Everything was rounded out very well.

If you haven't seen the final episode yet, make sure you watch through most of the credits as there might be a setup for a potential spin-off series.  Also, if you even casually watched Star Trek: The Next Generation in the past, you should for sure watch Star Trek: Picard.

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