With a snowstorm hammering down on the Twin Ports and everyone mostly unsure on how much we're going to get, I figured I'd tap into a new bottle of bourbon.

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Snowstorm or not, my Sunday nights aren't that wild the older I get and sipping on a bourbon while writing is not a horrible way to spend the evening.

Tonight, I cracked open a bottle of Jefferson's Reserve Single Barrel, labeled as Very Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Very Small Batch.  I was gifted this last week for a milestone birthday and up until then, can't say I've had any of their offerings.

I poured 1 finger of the brown liquid into a glass to try it neat first as I do with all new to me bourbons.  On my initial sniff out of the glass, it's as described on their website for the "nose" with it being of leather and humidor.  There was also almost a fruit hint to it as well.

On my first taste, it is definitely sweet and sugary with a spicy bourbon bite finish.  It's really well rounded on my taste test with it neat and I'm sure would pair incredibly well with a decent cigar.

On the rocks, and with a little mellow a more smokey finish jumps out at you and I would bet this used in an Old Fashioned would be incredible.  This one comes in at around $50 a bottle depending on where you purchase, and the 100 Proof will get you feeling warm and cozy on a winter storm day in no time.  Jefferson's Reserve Single Barrel will always have a home in my liquor cabinet from here on out.

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