With temps expected to be near the 60s in the Twin Ports next week, that's another sign of spring in our area.

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Sure, we might still get another blast of snow here and there over the next month or two, but we are at the end.  That means it's almost time for garage sales.

I've been part of lots of garage sales over the years, and it's opened my eyes to how to do them and not to do them.  I'm no pro at putting them on by any means, but a few key things seem to make or break the success of a garage sale:

Keep garage sales prices low

We of course want to make money when putting on a garage sale, but a few dollars off of something used that someone can buy new for not much more isn't going to encourage a sale.  Think about the item's value but also if you actually want it hanging around because you priced it too high.  Garage sales are a good time to lighten the load in your house or garage, so price items to move.

Partner up with neighbors for garage sales

If you garage sale happens to the be only one in your neighborhood, it's less likely to see the traffic you might want.  Get a hold of your neighbors in advance and see if anyone else is thinking of doing one this spring.  If they are, try to get as many as you can to do it on the same days or weekends.  People driving by are probably more likely to stop if they see multiple sales in one area they can hit in one stop.

Advertise you garage sale

It's pretty easy to post you sale on a area Facebook group page, and this can help with traffic.  Craigslist is also still pretty heavily used for garage sale advertising, and even if it costs you a few bucks, it might help in getting people there.  If you do advertise, highlight known and poplar names or types of items you will have at yours.  Think baby clothes, hunting or fishing gear, tools, or Harley apparel.

Set good garage sale hours

If people get up with the goal of hitting up a bunch of garage sales, many go early in the morning for the best picks.  You don't have to start at 6AM, but starting one at 10AM might be a tad late for a good crowd.


What else would you add to the list for having a successful garage sale?

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