It seems you can’t keep a good serial killer down. After eight seasons on Showtime, and a full-fledged revival series a few years ago, Dexter is returning in prequel form.

Officially titled Dexter: Original Sin, the new show follows the infamous serial killer who kills other killers prior to the original series, which aired on Showtime from 2006 to 2013. The original Dexter, based on the novels by Jeff Lindsay, starred Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, who moonlights as a murderous avenger while also working as a forensics expert for the Miami Police Department. (The revival show, Dexter: New Blood, premiered in 2021.)

The new show will star Patrick Gibson as the younger Dexter. Original Sin will also feature Christian Slater as Dexter’s father harry, who teaches Dexter to aim his murderous urges at people who have escaped more traditional means of justice. Dexter’s sister Debra will be played by Molly Brown.


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Here is how Showtime describes the project:

[Dexter: Original Sin] follows Dexter (Gibson) as he transitions from student to avenging serial killer. When his bloodthirsty urges can’t be ignored any longer, Dexter must learn to channel his inner darkness. With the guidance of his father, Harry (Slater), he adopts a Code designed to help him find and kill people who deserve to be eliminated from society without getting on law enforcements’ radar. This is a particular challenge for young Dexter as he begins a forensics internship at the Miami Metro Police Department.

The first season of Dexter: Original Sin is expected to run for 10 episodes on Paramount+ with Showtime.

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