The 1990s: A time of prosperity, promise, highly questionable fashion, and, above all, movies.

So many movies.

So many, in fact, that a lot of the better ones have fallen by the wayside in the intervening decades. Sure, everyone has seen Pulp FictionThe Shawshank Redemption, and Fight Club, but the ’90s movies that have become classics represent a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the thousands of films that came out during that halcyon decade. And yet thanks to streaming and digital rentals, many of these titles have never been easier to watch — even if so few people actually do.

Let’s try to change that. Below are 12 movies from the 1990s. Some were critical hits in their day, a few even had decent runs at the box office. All of them have largely been forgotten — or at least have never been seen — by all but the most dedicated and nerdy of ’90s cinephiles. If you’ve seen the decade’s big titles like The Matrix or Titanic or Jurassic Park and you’re ready to dig a little deeper, any of these titles will fit the bill.

The picks include comedies, dramas, teen films, thrillers, action movies, and sequels. If they weren’t on your radar before, now they are.

Forgotten ’90s Movies You Need to See

These movies weren’t hits. They’re not considered ’90s classics. But more people should watch them.
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