There are movie props one would love to own — the sled from Citizen Kane, the title object from The Maltese Falcon — and then there are movie props one needs to own. And I would qualify the red 1996 Mazda Miata from the immortal comedy classic MacGruber in the latter category.

The car played a signature role in the 2010 film, and also appeared in the recent sequel series on Peacock. It was something of a trademark for the character, played by Will Forte, inspired by the old MacGyver TV series and first introduced in a series of sketches on Saturday Night LiveAlso, that car looked as cool as hell. I mean, it’s a Miata! What is cooler than that?

Well, one lucky person is going to get to own MacGruber’s Mazda Miata, as Will Forte himself is auctioning it off to support the non-profit organization the Pangea Network. In the official listing for the auction, Forte writes...

After we shot the MacGruber movie, the production said they were gonna sell the car, so I bought it. I parked it in my garage and it sat there until we used it again in the MacGruber TV series. After that, it sat on the lot for a few years until I picked it up about a month ago and parked it back in the garage.

(Tragically, the Miata’s removable stereo is not included, so you’ll have to find some other means to blast Toto’s “Rosanna” while you’re cruising down the highway in MacGruber’s ride.)


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Now he has decided to find the Miata a good home for a good cause. And if the price goes high enough there are additional perks. Forte says if the car sells for more than $15,000, Forte will give the winner a page out of MacGruber’s immortal KFBR392 notebook. If it sells for $30,000, the winner gets to pick that page from the notebook themselves. For $50,000, Forte will personally deliver the car to you anywhere in the lower 48 United States. (Or you can pick it up in Los Angeles, and Forte will take you out to dinner.)

If by some chance the car goes for more than $100,000 Forte will, in his words "will fly you and a friend out to Albuquerque where we shot the MacGruber movie and TV series and spend the whole day giving you my own personal MacGruber tour. I'll even bring the original MacGruber costume and wig for you to try on. Heck, wear it the whole day if you want!" I mean, that prize is arguably even more valuable than the car itself.

The auction ends on October 22 at 9PM ET. To those who are bidding, good luck. (Actually, no, I wish you all bad luck. Because I want this. Extremely badly. And if someone out there truly loves me they will buy me the MacGruber Miata. And if they don’t, I will be scrawling KFBR392 in a notebook unto eternity.)

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