If you're a bear in Wisconsin that isn't enjoying life, what do you do? You do the only sensible thing and that's head south into Illinois to see if there's more entertainment there. A new video shows this just might be the case for one big apex predator.

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I will admit that I'm completely speculating about the bear's intentions, but the description does say that it's a bear spotted near the Illinois/Wisconsin border. My assumption that he's bored in Wisconsin is completely valid. No offense intended, cheese heads.

I learned from the TikTok share of this video that this happened near Twin Lakes, Wisconsin which is practically Illinois.

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Google Maps

This innocent bear moment isn't that unusual as many of these large animals will wander south looking for new food sources. Most bears are solitary animals that will not seek out humans despite what some outrageous movies would have you believe. Many exist on vegetation when other wildlife prey are not available. The main occurrences of bear encounters going wrong happen when a mama with cubs feels threatened or gets cornered.

You would think with the blazing heat lately this big bear would want to stay as far north as possible since it's generally cooler up there. That's why I believe my "bear bored in Wisconsin" theory must be considered.

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