If you've been contemplating adding a furry friend to your home, now IS the time.  One of Southeast Minnesota's pet shelters is closing and all of the animals need homes immediately.


After Nearly 24 Years, Safe Haven Pet Rescue is Closing in Rochester, Minnesota

Some sad news popped up recently by a well-known pet rescue in Southeast Minnesota.  Safe Haven Pet Rescue is closing its doors and shared the following news with its followers:

Celebrating 23 Years...and saying farewall

It doesn't seem possible that nearly 24 years have passed since Safe Haven first opened its doors and its heart to animals in need. Over that time literally thousands of dogs and puppies, cats and kittens and other assorted God's creatures have fund solace and love within our doors.

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Our first location was at "Your Animals' Best Care", a pet-related business located in Crossroads Shopping Center in Rochester. That is where our very first adoption occurred,where our first liter of puppies was born. When that store abruptly closed, we were very fortunate to be able to board dogs at Burt & Karen Loading's Breezy Heights kennels, and at Dave and Renee Curry's Completely Canine kennels for a nominal fee which was a complete god-send. Space was found at he old Dr Graham Horse Barn for our cats and kittens. The move to the "hayloft" of that building was to be temporary-for up to six months- and here we are 23 years later, still caring for the cats in the same location!


The first days were hard, and there was always a shortage of funds, but each time we thought we were looking at disaster, a miracle would happen and we were able to carry on.


The deaths of co-founders Barbara Fuller and Eleanor Gambill shook our faith to the core, but with the help of dozens of faithful volunteers, we were able to continue on and save the live of countless dogs and cats, and to adopt them in to forever homes.

Photo by Alexis Chloe on Unsplash
Photo by Alexis Chloe on Unsplash


We cannot forget how important the foster homes were. Bless all those folks for their caring, and for giving so much. They helped to save and nourish so many animals that we could not have otherwise rescued.


Has it been worth it? Yes, a million times over.  Success was only made possible through the efforts of all the volunteers, donors and friends of animals who shared the vision, came together and made it happen.


Safe Haven and its board are indebted to all of you, past and present, and we can rejoice together for all that has been achieved; the animals saved, the suffering alleviated, and the brighter future for so many companion animals.  Together we have shown what can be accomplished when the worlds of human and animal meet in understanding and compassion.


So now as we say goodbye, we celebrate the accomplishment of so many lives saved, and the world made better because of it. We rescued, we sheltered....it was, indeed, a safe haven.


Dona C. Fisher, Director

Safe Haven Pet Rescue


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Here's How You Can Find Out What Animals Are Still Available to Adopt at the Safe Haven Pet Rescue

If you are interested in finding out what animals are still available and curious about the adoption process, you can call the shelter during business hours at (507) 529-4079.  The organization will stay open until all of the animals are adopted.

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