I absolutely love going on adventures around Minnesota and discovering all of its hidden gems and unique attractions like the Jeffers Petroglyphs, Niagara Cave, or the Black Beach. 

I've traveled all around the state and have seen some really cool stuff, however there's one attraction I've always had on my list, but haven't had the chance to explore yet. I'm even more excited to visit it after reading an article on CNN that named it the 'creepiest' attraction in Minnesota.

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I'm not exactly sure what kind of research was conducted by CNN to compile the list of  'creepiest' attractions in each state, but it's an impressive gallery that features abandoned hospitals, haunted hotels, and rundown prisons.

CNN Says This Is Minnesota's Creepiest Attraction


The Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul were selected as the creepiest attraction in Minnesota.

In the 1800s, these caves were originally dug out for mining, but what makes them unique and historical is what happened during the 1930s prohibition era. Back then, the caves were transformed into a restaurant and casino and became a very popular hangout for local gangsters.

The caves witnessed their fair share of violent incidents during that period, and if you visit today, you can still see bullet holes etched into the walls.

The CNN article says there's a popular rumor about "three gangsters who were gunned down in the caves are buried under the floors." Some people believe that the caves might be haunted by the ghosts of those mobsters whose bodies were never recovered.

The attraction, located at 215 Wabasha St. S in St Paul, offers guided tours and is available to rent out for private parties.

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