It's crazy to imagine how your life would change if you had a few million dollars. But now imagine if your family had a net worth of over $60 billion. With a B. That's how much the richest family in Minnesota is worth.

A list from Forbes reveals the 2024 richest families in the US. One of those families is from Minnesota and the other is from Wisconsin.

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All of the families on the list are, of course, behind some huge name brands. For example, one of the families on the list is the Walton family. They have been named the richest family in America for 2024 with a family net worth of $267 billion. And that's all thanks to their stake in Walmart.

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Another family on the list, number two, is the Mars family which, as you could have guessed by the name, is the family that started one of the world's largest candy and pet food companies. Their net worth is $117 billion.

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Wisconsin's Richest Family

The Wisconsin family that made the Forbes list is the Johnson family. I know, so specific. This Johnson family, though, is none other than the SC Johnson family. The family that they're talking about in those commercials when they say "SC Johnson, a family company." That's these guys.

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They're headquartered out of Racine, Wisconsin and the family's net worth is $38.5 billion making them the 7th richest family in the US. The current chairman and CEO is the fifth generation of the Johnson family to run the company.

Minnesota's Richest Family

Minnesota's family that made the list is the Cargill-MacMillan family. The Cargill company was technically founded in Iowa in 1865 by W.W. Cargill. He started a grain storage business and the rest is history.

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Cargill is America's largest private company. Forbes says there are at least 100 members of the Cargill-MacMillan family and all together they own about 88% of the company. Their net worth is $60.6 billion making them the 4th richest family in the country.

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