Minnesota's Largest Candy Store offers an incredible variety of goodies, including chocolates, chewy candies, unique soda flavors, popcorn in various tastes, and even locally sourced jams, jellies, meats, and cheeses.

With their undeniable love for sweets, I can only imagine the sheer excitement they would feel exploring the vast wonders of this colossal candy emporium. Hopefully, we'll get there eventually, ideally before the store moves to a new location.

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Minnesota's Largest Candy Store is located just southwest of the Twin Cities on Highway 169, but will soon transition to a new location. Discover more about the upcoming move below, but first, enjoy a peek inside the store with some photos shared by a coworker who recently visited.

What Its Really Like Inside Minnesota's Largest Candy Store!

I finally stopped by that big yellow building along a Minnesota highway and couldn't have imagined everything I'd see inside of Minnesota's Largest Candy Store!

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store is Moving!

According to the Henderson Independent, The move comes as a response to the upcoming Highway 169 grade-separated interchange project, which will permanently cut off the store's access to the highway.

The store fought to secure alternative access, including a proposed frontage road, but faced several obstacles and ultimately had to seek a new location.

While the interchange project progresses, Minnesota's Largest Candy Store will continue operating as usual.

What you'll find inside Minnesota's Largest Candy Store:

  • CANDY!!!!!
  • Hot chocolate section
  • Tiki Bar: A variety of fun cocktail mixer items
  • A talking bear at the honey section
  • Peeps are available all year long, with more than just the traditional flavors
  • The world's largest selection of sodas
  • Lots of popcorn, varieties of pasta, jams, jellies, and even pickles!
  • Freshly baked pies and other yummy bakery items
  • Meat and cheese too!

The new location will open in 2027 on farmland east of the Jordan Supper Club and Tap Room.

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