A new video has surfaced of a road rage incident in Chicago, Illinois that led to one driver getting attacked with an axe by an enraged man.

After seeing this posted to TikTok by user @Citizen, I had to share the video with you.  It's insane that people can really get to a certain point where they've had enough and blow up.

This time, a man in a CR-V was brake checking a sedan behind him in Chicago (it's unclear why this was happening) and it resulted in the CR-V driver to whip out an axe.

He attempts to jump out of his car in the middle of traffic and falls with his axe.

TikTok - @Citizens
TikTok - @Citizens

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Then, gets up and bolts to the sedan a few cars ahead of him.

Watch the rest unfold:

INSTANTLY, the dude smashes out the sedan's driver side window with the axe and reaches inside the car to attack the driver.  I'd be so terrified!!! How scary.

The CR-V driver just drives off like nothing happened.

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TikTok - @Citizens
TikTok - @Citizens

This is why I only honk when necessary, don't tailgate others, and just mind my own business on the road.  You never know when you'll be driving next to someone not afraid to get revenge.

Stay safe on the roads and just be cautious of others.  Please, never be like this CR-V driver and wield an axe through someone's car window out of road rage.

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