GloRilla is responding to criticism for posting an ad for a personal assistant whom she is only willing to pay $550 a week.

On Wednesday (Dec. 14), the Memphis rapper revealed that she was looking for someone to add to her team. She shared an advertisement for the position on Facebook, which featured a detailed qualifications and responsibilities list. The qualifications are pretty basic and include excellent communication and interpersonal skills, outstanding time management and organizational skills, customer service skills, ability to multitask and prioritize workloads, high level of attention to detail and at least a high school education.

The list of "responsibilities," however, was much more extensive. GloRilla's new PA would be required to organize all of Glo's meetings, doctor and dental appointments, as well as handling all of her travel arrangements, organizing meals, grocery shopping and "various errands." Other duties include, attending meetings and events with Glo and packing and unpacking her suitcases. The wage she is willing to pay for these services is $550 a week.

The internet had a field day calling out GloRilla for what was deemed a small check compared to the amount of work.

"Glorilla paying $550 a week to be her assistant?? Lmao they making more than that at McDonald’s," one person tweeted.

"If that $550 a week to be Glorilla assistant based on a 40/hr work week (which it’s not) you’d be make about $9/hr for 40hr a week," another Twitter user calculated. "You most definitely going to work more than 8 hours a day/ 40 hours a week. The experience & exposure life changing but still should be $1,500/wk."

"Glorilla paying 550/week for an assistant is insane 😭 GIRL, triple it up please," someone else posted.

"Now Glorilla looking for a personal assistant and she’s paying $550 a week. Ppl talking about 'it’s not always about the money, it’s a stepping stone.' Yeah a stepping stone to poverty," another Twitter user typed. "That’s not a living wage for all of the things you’re expecting ma’am."

Not everyone was put off by GloRilla's offer.

"Folks really saying $550 a week to be glorilla assistant ain’t enough," comedian Lil Dual tweeted. "Y’all poasses want ceo salary for an entry level position."

GloRilla has responded to the backlash for her post in an Instagram video.

"Let me tell you muthafuckas something that's talking about '$550 too low.' It really need to be $500," she said before admitting she was just playing. "But, for real. First of all, your flights get paid for, your flights and your travel. If you want to have pay, then pay for your own flight and your own travel. And see how much them $500-ass flight tickets be. Bitch, you think I'm finna pay you $1,200 and week and pay...I take flights everyday. You think I'm finna pay $500 for you a flight everyday, plus pay? No, it don't work like that."

She continued: "Half the shit on that list you don't have to do, for real. If it comes down to it, you might have to do it. But it's literally the easiest shit in the world. You really don't got to do shit but be with me everyday."

GloRilla's personal assistant advert comes on the heels of Summer Walker facing backlash after she announced she was looking for an assistant but mandated that they be White or gay.

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