J Balvin was "canceled" on Twitter after seemingly shading Shakira during a recent interview.

On Wednesday (June 24), the Colombian singer participated in a Q&A with Billboard to discuss his collaboration on The Black Eyed Peas' new album Translation. However, at one point, Balvin appeared to insinuate that working with the Latin superstar was difficult due to her perfectionism.

The apparent shade came after the interviewer asked BEP who they had to be "more flexible" with — Maluma or Balvin — to which will.i.am responded, "I had to be the most flexible with Shakira." (Maluma and Shakira are also featured on the album.)

Everyone chuckled at his remark, but the "Mi Gente" hit-maker continued to laugh long after the others had stopped.

"But I learned from her because the way she does it is like a school," will.i.am explained, describing Shakira's work process which includes listing improvements.

"Number one, fix number one like this, here are my notes and then for number two I would really like to address this on number two and then for number three," he said before Balvin interjected, adding, "And then you go back to one, then go to seven, then go to 10, then go to 20, and then go back to number one. One is the one."

It's safe to say Shakira fans were not impressed with his comments, prompting the #JBalvinIsOverParty hashtag to begin trending worldwide on Twitter.

While Balvin and Shakira have never actually collaborated on a song together, he did make a surprise appearance during her and Jennifer Lopez's Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show performance in February 2020.

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