Jay Pharoah has bars. The comedian appeared on a special Christmas episode of DJ Whoo Kid's The Whoolywood Shuffle and showed off his lyrical skills while imitating some of the industry's biggest stars. Pharoah busted out his trademark impression of Jay Z, but also added in impersonations of Eminem and The Weeknd. DJ Whoo Kid got Pharoah to spit some rhymes in his natural voice too, and the comedian impressed.

"I will never fall off, when will these niggas learn/It's turning to a millionaire, and I am not concerned/And I keep getting booked like a legal firm/Niggas got big heads, Marvin fighting Tommy Hearns/Finally got a piece of the pie, I'm savaging/RG3, niggas is broke, me, I'm damaging/Dodger goes for most of these shits, but some art random/Cause naw, you can't trust 'em, go to sleep, they start grabbing shit/My spot's straight, no wrinkles/And y'all lie, I spit all facts like Kinkos," Pharoah rapped.

XXL spoke to Pharoah earlier this year about his hip-hop impressions. The former Saturday Night Live cast member said all of his impersonations have been well received by the artists.

"Never heard any negativity," he said. "Kanye did call me a couple of years ago. But it wasn’t like, 'I hate this dude, stop doing your impression,' it was more of him talking about himself for 12 minutes. Which sounds so Kanye, but yeah. All the rappers that I encounter it’s never, 'Oh, don’t do me,' or whatever, it’s all been love. Jay Z loves it. Snoop asked me if I could impersonate him."

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