Uh oh, it looks like Jay-Z and Beyonce, basically America's answer to royalty, can't always get what they want!

After the birth of their daughter Blue Ivy way back in January -- my how time flies -- the new parents immediately decided to try and trademark their newborn's name, most likely to prevent businesses from using the retail friendly moniker.

But despite their ties to the White House and being uber friendly with President Barack Obama, the duo lost the trademark battle. An event planning store in Boston already bears the name Blue Ivy Events, and the owners of the shop rightfully defended their rights to the name.

In actuality, Beyonce wanted to trademark the name in hopes to start a children's clothing line in the future, but it looks as though Bey may need to dig into her creative side to come up with something just as original.

And hey, there doesn't seem to be any hard feelings with Blue Ivy Events owner Veronica Alexandra -- she even makes light of the same-name situation on her company's website, which features a picture of Bey and Jay along with the caption, "CONGRATS to our SOUL MATE Couple with Baby Blue Ivy!!!"