We know that Jay-Z doesn’t play games when it comes to his business. That’s why he’s among the wealthiest rap moguls in hip-hop. But if you ever wondered how Jay flips his business deals — there’s an app for that.

According to Complex, the ‘Empire State of Mind’ rapper has launched a new Facebook game application called ‘Empire,’ which resembles Jay-Z’s journey from budding rapper to savvy business executive.

The description of the game reads:

“EMPIRE takes you on a journey from the streets of Marcy Housing in Brooklyn to the hotspots of the rich and famous: from hustler, to entrepreneur, to business mogul. But don’t forget friends and family, or your karma will suffer.”

The game is still in beta testing, but players can sign up and explore how Jay hustled his way to the top. It probably won’t teach you how to snag a hot R&B chick like Beyonce, but it’s a start.

Jay-Z’s most recent business venture was his partnership with the New York Yankees, his favorite baseball team. Under the pact, Hov’s Rocawear brand will be featured prominently inside Yankees Stadium during the games.

We are quite sure this won’t be the last business deal we hear from Jay-Z. The Roc is in the building!

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