Due to the impending storm coming to the Northland this week, Jeanne and Ian from the MIX 108 Morning Show will be postponing the Jingle Bus to a later date.

Jeanne & Ian will still host a fun night of festivities, but now you'll be ringing in the New Year with Jeanne & Ian's January Jangle Bus. They are taking the holiday party on the road as you'll take a trip around the Twin Ports, playing a game or two, drinking, and getting some amazing gifts. Plus, there still may be some other surprises along the way!

The January Jangle Bus will now hit the road on Wednesday, January 11th starting at 6 PM. No worries about wondering if you'll still be able to get on after winning tickets for the original bus. Jeanne & Ian made sure to save your seats.

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Don't forget, if you did win, all winners and guests must be 21+ and bring a valid ID. Not only will some drinks be provided, food will be provided too. Ian made sure to get some cool gifts to give away, and a little MIX 108 birdie may have saved some Taylor Swift tickets that will be given away on the bus, as well.

It's unfortunate that the bus has to be postponed, but we want to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Jeanne, Ian, and everyone in the MIX 108 staff cannot wait to ring in the new year with all our amazing listeners on the January Jangle Bus!

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