Spring has not Sprung and I am growing increasingly inpatient. Did I start this chain of events by getting rid of my 4 wheel drive this summer?

With all the crazy weather all over the country over the last few years, I guess we have no room to complain about a little snow, OK a lot of snow, and in April no less.  We pay our dues with a long winter normally, and this seems to have no end.

Our brand new furniture for our deck sits idle in the garage, but of course I have to put a second coat of paint on the deck from my project I started last summer. As our kids count down the days to summer vacation, I can't even wrap my head around putting away my winter jacket.

I know this a tired subject we are all sick of the snow and just want a few days of sunshine and watch the snow melt away and not return for a while. As you can see my broken shovel finally snapped in half (see picture} with the latest snowfall. It was pretty banged up a few weeks ago, but I vowed I would not buy another one this late in the season. Guess I have to pull out one of the kids shovels from when they were little and plug away ready to prepare for round #3 this week.