What a good time had by all. I know that pretty much everyone here at the station has been talking non-stop about this fantastic event this past weekend, but I seem to have a whole different perspective.

You know that a event is super fun, when you are one of the few sober folks around and you have a blast. Hat's off to all the ladies who gladly got down and dirty all for a good cause. I think the best part of the whole event is hearing the feedback from some of the guys I work with.

The consensus from every guy here is that: They have never even seen guys  at their Bachelor parties get that out of hand. Now I won't go into details, just like Vegas, what happens on the Dirty Chicks A.T.V. ride stays there. But what a hoot.

Thanks again to everyone for all your donations, 2 station vans worth! We are already talking about when the next one will be. See you on the trails and in case you missed them, here are the pictures.