Sammy Sosa was one of my favorite athletes of all time, and he played for my beloved Cubs back when they never could win a game. He was for sure the crowd favorite, but how quickly things have changed.

When the Chicago Cubs won the world series last year I was really surprised that Sammy Sosa was not welcomed back with some other former players? From 2001 until around 2004 Sammy Sosa was the man and often referred to Wrigley Field as "His House" I remember many a Cubs game where he could get the entire Wrigley Field all wound up just by waving at the crowd in the batters box.

According to an article in The Chicago Tribune Sosa let years of exile from the Cubs and all his feelings fly in a Blog that came out Tuesday February 21st. As a fan I had heard stories of how cocky he was which in his defense many athletes are, but I love how he takes credit for putting Chicago on the map. Really Sammy? Deep down you can tell he truly loved playing for the Cubs and he has said himself he wishes he could have finished his career with them, but the corked bat and steroid controversy made fans and the organizations turn sour against him.

Sammy Sosa will always be a Chicago Cub to me, his little hop he would take after he hit the ball and his hand signals, that is what made great memories for me in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field. And I will continue to hang my Sammy Sosa ornament on the Christmas tree every year with it's broken bat, because that is what he did in real life is bust a few bats as well.

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