We have been doing some rearranging at our home and recently purchased some new furniture, but the running joke in our house is what are we going to do with our massive couch?

Now here is the tricky part, when we first moved into our very tiny home years ago, said couch was around a year old, and the moving company we hired waited to put that beast in last. Those poor guys pushed and shoved and tried every which way to get it in . Somehow they managed to get it in the door, but they all said, "Good Luck Getting it Back Out Down The Road."

Well yesterday that day had come. We are refinishing our hard wood floors and so we have to have all the furniture out of the house, so the floors are done when the new stuff arrives. We did have someone who wanted it, but no luck getting it out, so unfortunately we had to saw it in half.

Thankfully I have amazing friends who are handy with this kind of stuff, a saw- zaw and some determination, we were going to get that thing out. It was not as easy as it sounds, apparently this is a very sturdy and well built couch, which is good, but hard to cut through. In the end we did not get it totally in half but it had enough of a bend that between the three of us we managed to get it around the bend and out the door.

Off to the dump it goes, as I wave goodbye ...Thanks for all the great times lounging on you and for all the laughs and a few tears while sitting on you too. But now we have a few smaller pieces to sit on instead of all having to pile on that sturdy, well built, huge couch. :)