In all the years I have lived in the Twin Ports I have only missed 1 grandmas Marathon, not running of course, but being on the sidelines cheering on all of these amazing athletes!

Being a spectator takes some serious planning, and I have it down pat. Of course I am part of the race course entertainment, so I usually have a prime location.This year I will be camped out in Canal Park at the Vista Fleet, so here are some tips to make sure that you as a spectator have a great experience too.

*  Plan ahead- Thousands of people flock to the area for this one weekend out of the year. If you are not a local familiarize yourself with the area.

*   Is your Hotel in Canal Park, or Downtown? You may have issues getting around  the day of the race in your car, make other arrangements or leave very early.

* Do you have it mapped out where you are going to be watching the race?

* Make sure to bring some type of camping chair, the ground is going to get old after a while.

* Communicate ahead of time If you are watching one of the runners. Tell them exactly where you will be, that is a great motivator for them and they look forward to getting to that point to see you and hear your cheers.

* Make sure a bathroom is the general area, or a port a potty. No excuse for the spectators to be going to the bathroom in someones yard.

* Download the Radio Pup app on your smartphone and tune into WEBC 560 AM for complete Grandmas Marathon Coverage.

* Swing past the Vista Fleet and give me a high Five!! :)