Since I have moved to Duluth we have seen a pretty big surge in new restaurants, some local and some big chain places, but for someone like myself I am not a big risk taker with trying new foods, I stick to what I like. Many people question my little quirk, but I know what I like and when I go to some of my favorite places to eat, no surprises.

I have picked five Duluth restaurants where I never deviate from my normal menu item. They all have a pretty big variety of things to choose from, but since these are my favorite things these are what I order exclusively at each place. Feel free to try any of these suggestions next time you stop at one of these places. They are not in any particular order.

  • Photo: Fitgers
    Photo: Fitgers

    Mexico Lindo

    How can you go wrong with anything that you would order here? The delicious hot chips brought table side at your arrival with home made salsa and margaritas the size of a fish bowl. My favorite menu item here is the Philly Cheesesteak Burrito. This huge burrito takes up the entire plate with delicious tender strips of steak, green peppers and smothered in their scrumptious melted white cheese caso. It normally comes with onions and mushrooms but I get peppers only. My main problem is to not fill up on chips before my entree' arrives.

    Mexico Lindo :600 East Superior in the Fitgers Brewery Complex in Duluth.

  • Photo: Google Maps
    Photo: Google Maps

    Grandma's Saloon and Grill

    With a number of Grandma's restaurants to choose from you can get my favorite just about anywhere. The sandwich I always get is:

    The Full Monte a triple-decker Monte Cristo featuring thinly sliced ham, smoked turkey, Swiss and American cheese, layered on Texas toast with mayo, breaded and deep-fried. I personally opt for the smaller version The Half Monte this sandwich is very rich and deep fried but hey you do you.

    Grandmas's Saloon and Grill: Canal Park- 522 Lake Avenue South and Miller Hill-2202 Maple Grove Road

  • Photo: Google Maps
    Photo: Google Maps

    Sammy's Pizza

    Sammy's Pizza is a Northland favorite whether you eat in, take out or even get some of their frozen pies. I am a pretty simple person when it comes to pizza, just the basics. My favorite thing to order here is pepperoni and black olives with a side of buffalo wings. And yes my mouth just started watering as I am writing this. Is that sad? On a side note pineapple should never go on a pizza...ick!  Sammy's Pizza has 4 locations in Duluth.

  • Photo: Ian Redmond
    Photo: Ian Redmond

    Beijing Chinese Restaurant

    This current Beijing restaurant has found a new home on London Road in what used to be a Pizza Hut. The actual restaurant was around for many years on Superior street in a strip mall which is now CVS. For fans of the restaurant it was a long wait for them to move and build a new kitchen and get ready to open their doors which finally happened in 2016  Everything they have is delicious, but my current favorite is the Sweet and Sour Chicken with Vegetable Lo Mein and occasionally an order of cream cheese wontons.

    Beijing Chinese Restaurant: 1918 London Road in Duluth

  • Photo: Google Maps
    Photo: Google Maps

    Big Daddy's Burgers

    As the name implies Big Daddies is famous for their burgers but they do have a full menu. I for one have never strayed and stick to my favorite every time: The Cream Cheese Olive Burger. Served on a fresh crispy bun the 1/3 lb. burger is cooked to perfection with a huge square of cream cheese topped with green olives. Plus with each burger you get a giant helping of french fries. I have never once walked out of there with all my fries gone, that would be a tough one. But if you are into eating an enormous amount of food they do have the WALL OF FAME :


    • Two half-pound beef patties

    • Pepper Jack and cheddar cheeses

    • Bacon, ham, BBQ sauce and sautéed onions

    • 1 lb of fries

    • No time limit

    • Complete the Belly Buster and we will add your photo to our Wall of Fame



    • 5 lbs of beef patties

    • 20 pieces of bacon

    • 20 slices of cheese

    • 1.5 lbs of fries

    • 1 hour time limit

    • If you can complete THIS challenge, then your meal is free, you will earn a Big Daddy's T-shirt, and your photo will be added to our Wall of Fame.

    BIG DADDIES BURGERS IS LOCATED AT: 2828 Piedmont Avenue in Duluth

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