It was a hotter than bowl of cayenne and chili peppers when Jennifer Lopez took the stage at the 2013 American Music Awards (Nov. 24), where the glamazon diva turned in a salsariffic performance where she sang entirely in Spanish and saluted Celia Cruz.

It was loud, bold, colorful, bright and unbelievably fun. It was so much fun, in fact, that it could make even the stiffest wallflower get off their butt and cut a rug. No, really!

In typical La Lopez style, J. Lo showed off multiple outfits, including a colorful, ruffled gown in the Carmen Miranda style, and a skintight, sparkly bodysuit that showed off those enviable assets of hers.

Lopez was part of the festivities even before she took the stage and not because she presented an award, either. Her multi-part Kohl's commercial, which found her cloaked in a black, catsuit-like outfit and heels and saw her leaping off the hoods of cars while stuck in traffic, aired throughout the TV broadcast.

J. Lo has pretty much solidified herself as a diva of the highest order, and she is the queen of the Latinas. We're bowing down. It's only right.

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