Just a few months ago it was announced that specialty sub shop Jersey Mike's would be opening a location in Duluth. It is now open and I had to give it a try.

I absolutely love sub sandwiches and I've never been to a Jersey Mike's before. I was over the moon when they announced they were coming to Duluth and have been waiting in anticipation for the doors to open. I figured they would be pretty busy for a new place opening in Duluth, so I skipped breakfast and went as soon as they opened at 10 am.

Ian Redmond - TSM Duluth
Ian Redmond - TSM Duluth

Their menu offers a variety from cold subs like the Italian to hot subs like the Big Kahuna Cheese Steak, and even signature wraps and kids meals. Whenever I go somewhere and see a cheese steak on the menu, I know that's exactly what I'm ordering. I decided not to go to adventurous and just order the Jersey Mike's Famous Philly Cheese Steak. I was not disappointed. The sandwich stayed hot for my drive home and each bite bursting with flavor from the ooey gooey melty cheese along side with perfectly seasoned mushrooms and peppers. My favorite part was the bread. I feel like the bread can make or break a sandwich shop and this bread was perfect.

10/10 I would go here again. The staff were friendly and nice, the store was warmly colored and inviting and I loved my sandwich. I will definitely get the Italian next. The location can be found at 905 West Central Entrance in the Stone Ridge Shopping Center and hours are 10 am - 9 pm every day.


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