Some of our favorite things in the world are inspirational, "girl power!" movies about female friendship — so we love that Jessie J's "Flashlight" music video is essentially an ode to the Barden Bellas' tight-knit bond in Pitch Perfect 2.

The video centers on the British singer making her way through the campus of the fictional Barden University, belting out the empowering and inspirational song.

"Stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight / You're getting me, getting me through the night," Jessie J sings at the center of campus, as emotional clips of that Barden Bellas bond are interspersed throughout the music video.

"I guess the ultimate feel behind the video and the concept is about giving someone something happy, you're my flashlight," Jessie J told Entertainment Tonight about the concept. "Having someone that gives you light in moments of darkness."

And the British crooner — who, at one point, belts out the song in the dark as the audience waves thousands of flashlights in the air — revealed that "Flashlight" will be the big performance at the end of the movie.

"Everyone loves to sing, and everyone loves to sing songs that they know. What's so great about this movie, there's a twist," she revealed to ET. "The big song, the big finale, the big final song is a song that no one knows, which is 'Flashlight.'"

Well, we all know (and love) it now! And as if we weren't bowled over by the heart-lifting tune alone, the fact that it was written by freaking Sam Smith and Sia is enough to seal the deal.

Check out Jessie J's "Flashlight" music video above! And just in case you forgot, Pitch Perfect 2 hits theaters nationwide on May 15, so aca-do. it. up.

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