Jessie J recently stopped by Capital FM studios in the U.K., and while there, the bubbly songstress dished on her next career move. Since she’s still enjoying the success of her debut album ‘Who You Are,’ the number one item on Jessie J’s professional agenda as of right now is to perform with Beyonce.

When asked about what her next career move will be, Jessie J didn’t speak of recording a new album or hitting the road to perform more — Ms. J is a dreamer, so it comes as no surprise that she spoke of her dream collaboration, which is “to sing with Beyonce.” They haven’t spoken about singing together, although Jessie has met the very “nice” vocalist. (She hasn’t met Blue Ivy, though, comically saying, “I’ve not met the baby. I think that that’s their thing.”) But now that the idea is out there, maybe Bey will accept this sort of proposal?

Beyonce doesn’t tend to do a lot of collaborations with other pop songstresses (minus Lady Gaga), and usually gravitates to rappers for features to offset her sultry R&B vocals. However, Jessie J would make a good song partner for Beyonce, since she can belt it out with the best of them and has that edgy, soulful quality to her voice.

During her Capital FM interview, the adorable Jessie J, who revealed she now has arthritis in her left foot after breaking it last year, also dished on performing at the radio station’s Summertime Ball on June 9, 2012.

“I can’t wait,” she gushed. “I’m looking forward to being sandwiched between Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. That’s quite a good sandwich.” She also spoke about sometimes getting teary-eyed during performances, saying, “I’m quite an emotional girl. I wear my heart on my sleeve.” Additionally, Jessie J confirmed that she’d never date a fan because “it would get a little strange,” adding that most of the people the openly bisexual songstress dates haven’t heard of her.