As the presidential campaign heats up over the coming weeks, expect a lot of political rallies.

Joe Biden's campaign announced that the former Vice President will make a stop in Minnesota next week, they didn't say where that visit would be yet, but could Duluth be the destination?

The Trump campaign has sent the current Vice President, Mike Pence, the President's son, Donald Trump Jr., and 'The Women for Trump' bus all to Duluth over the last few weeks, so could Biden feel the need to bring his message to the Duluth area? Stay tuned.

This will be the presidential candidate's first stop in Minnesota during the 2020 election cycle, which includes the primaries.

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The Trump campaign has not been stopped by the COVID-19 pandemic, the President has done many rallies across the country over the last month or so, and his surrogates are consistently on the road.

The Biden campaign has been playing it safe and not doing much traveling at all, and sending surrogates much less, like his wife Jill Biden, who was in Minnesota this week for a campaign stop.

According to Real Clear Politics, they have Biden up 5 points in Minnesota with their average of polls, one poll in their average has the two candidates tied, so Minnesota is definitely in play this election season.

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