Talk about an exciting day! Television star Joel McKinnon Miller stopped by and hung out with The Breakfast Club on Thursday morning. You may have spotted him around town, as he has been in Duluth visiting some family.

Eagle-eyed fans first noticed him in town over the summer and ever since, many excited fans have run into him around town! He is best known for his iconic role as Scully in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He's also been in a ton of other projects like American Horror Story, CSI and Big Love, among a bunch of other things.

I noticed that he was in town so I wrote him a message saying we would love to have him on as a guest and sure enough, he agreed and the rest is history! He let us grill him with questions about his famous costars, how he got started in the industry and the incredible way he snagged the role of Scully. We also played some Brooklyn Nine-Nine trivia!

He also talked about a few fan-favorite moments from the show and how they happened, including the hilarious way he ended up singing opera on camera. He is also a big Minnesota Vikings fan and has a cool story about going to one of their games.

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If you missed it, we live-streamed most of the conversation! Check it out below:

It was incredibly fun to hear these behind-the-scenes stories with the television star and super cool to hang out with him in such a low-key setting. Not many celebrities would agree to come in and talk with a radio show when they are off the clock and taking some time to relax so this was extra special!

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