Jordin Sparks has revealed that she suffers from migraines, a condition she inherited from her mother. Due to the affliction, she has been is repping Excedrin.

Given her busy job as a singer and a pop star, Sparks doesn't have the luxury of laying on the couch, in a dark room, with a cold towel over her face, waiting for the debilitating headache pain that comes along with a migraine to subside. To help raise awareness of the condition, the gorgeous girlfriend of Jason Derulo has been named the face of Excedrin, the over-the-counter migraine medicine.

Sparks explained her history with the condition, saying, "As they say in my business...the show must go on! When it comes time to promote an album or movie, I’m jumping from coast to coast, meeting to meeting, photo shoot to photo shoot – just trying to stay focused. With all that stress and fatigue, the last thing I need is to worry about having a migraine."

She revealed that her mother has suffered from the severe headaches. She hated watching her mom go down for the count due to the pain, saying, "As it turns out, migraines are hereditary and just one of the many things I inherited from my mom. As a young girl, I remember watching my mom become completely debilitated by severe migraines. In an instant, she became drowsy, sick to her stomach and unable to move from the couch. I was scared and troubled that there was nothing I could do to help her."

Sparks explained that things got better when they discovered the right meds. She finished, "Then she found Excedrin Migraine, and nothing else worked for her. When I started having migraines, I never thought of trying anything else for relief. I keep it in my medicine cabinet, my purse and my suitcase so that whether I’m on tour, or promoting an album, or just enjoying time with friends and family, I know a migraine won’t slow me down."

Kudos to sparks for putting a face and a voice to a condition that so many suffer from, yet it remains one that receives little mainstream attention.

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