Justin Bieber has spent the last year racking up almost as many self-deprecating appearances on late-night TV shows as he has top 40 hits — and he added another one to his résumé this week when he stopped by ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ to deliver a Top 10 list of “facts” about himself.

Among the humorous Bieber tidbits: “I’m not really a big fan of Kevin James” (who was in the green room, flashing a mock frown for the cameras), “As hard as I’ve tried, I don’t know how to not be adorable,” and at number one on the list, “It’s a hairpiece.”

Bieber’s gift for not taking himself too seriously has recently been on display during visits to ‘The Daily Show’ (where he pretended to switch bodies, ‘Freaky Friday’ style, with Jon Stewart) and ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ (where he danced alongside Fallon as the host pretended to be Bieber). If the hits ever dry up, he’s got another career in comedy waiting for him.

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