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"Justache" for Justin Bieber's Facial Hair

Justin Bieber has been bombarding followers with an abundance of what has earned the name of "Justache":  A wispy, feathered fuzz that has claimed the upper lip region of the celebrity.

Fans became disturbed after Bieber posted not one, not two, but three pictures sporting the 'stache. Apparently sick of the look, fans have been urging for a shave, with some asking more nicely than others. (via Cosmopolitan)

Jessica Simpson Opens Up About John Mayer Relationship

Jessica Simpson's soon-to-come memoir, Open Book, talks about her experiences in dating and dealing with anxiety and emotional pain which originated from childhood sexual abuse. The book details how and why she turned to alcohol and drugs to relieve her inner turmoil.

Simpson also chronicles her relationship with musician John Mayer and both the passion and pain that came with their romance. (via People)

Ex Recording Academy Chief Alleges Sexual Harassment and Unethical Voting

Former Chief of the Recording Academy Deborah Dugan has faced retaliation after submitting a 44-page complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Dugan filed formal complaints regarding sexual harassment, improper voting processes and conflicts of interest among the academy board members. Dugan detailed receiving unwanted sexual advances from an industry lawyer who represents the Grammys, Joel Katz. (via New York Times)

Wegmans Provides Shopping Carts for Special Needs Children

After Buffalo, New York mom Liza Rudroff suggested an option for families with special needs children at grocery stores, 101 Wegmans stores (from Virginia to Massachusetts) implemented specially designed carts. Rudroff's daughter, who has neurological movement disorder, can now sit in the GoTo Shop, which is meant for children aged 2 to 8 years old or up to 77 pounds. It provides extra postural and head support and has an easy access open front, among other features. (via Klove)

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