We have no words for this Justin Bieber story. And we're going to put a disclaimer at the very beginning of the article: Kids, this is why you don't take pictures of yourself naked.

Apparently, Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity to have private photos of him stolen from right under his nose. Biebs took to Twitter to chastise someone who stole his camera and laptop from his tour manager's office -- and a day after the tweet, a naked picture of "Justin Bieber" started floating around the interweb.

However, his people aren't too convinced that it's him. The picture shows a male torso, with his most private of areas visibile. Also noticeable in the pic is the bird tattoo Bieber has near his hip -- but don't get us started on that lame tattoo. Sorry, we're not sorry, man!

But wait a sec! Beliebers flocked to the web and were quick to dismiss the picture of their beloved. According to Zap2it, his fans took to Tumblr to quickly say that the bellybutton in the picture in question doesn't match that of the real Bieber, his nipples don't match up, and that it's super easy nowadays to photoshop the picture of that poor excuse for a tattoo on to anyone's body.

It's a good thing Beliebers study every inch of the Biebs like a book!

Update via TMZ: Sources close to Justin Bieber have vehemently denied that the picture is of Justin. The Biebs himself has also basically denied it by tweeting a bunch of article link about the picture being a fake.

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