Forget the fact that they have more than 40 million Facebook fans combined, or that they can make teenage girls scream with so much as a smirk — Justin Bieber and One Direction are the worst ever… At least, according to NME.

The Biebs and his U.K. boyband counterparts are up for the Worst Album Award at this year’s NME Awards, which is truly a big feat, though we’re not sure their drones of adoring fans will see it that way. Sugarscape reports that Bieber’s ‘Under the Mistletoe’ Christmas debut will battle it out with 1D’s ‘Up All Night.’

Also getting nods in the Worst Album Award category? Lady Gaga‘s ‘Born This Way,’ surprisingly. People must have gotten sick of hearing that one in 2011 — as well as Coldplay‘s ‘Mylo Xyloto’ and Viva Brother’s ‘Famous First Words.’

NME mag’s annual music awards show has been a staple in the U.K. since the ’50s, and while they don’t make headlines for only honoring the worst in music, it is how they set themselves apart from other accolade events, like the Grammys.

This year, Justin also has the unfortunate pleasure of competing against Mama Monster Lady Gaga in the Villain of the Year category, while One Direction will try to out-bad Coldplay and others in the Worst Band Award run.

We wish everyone… uhh, good luck?