Justin Bieber did not make an appearance at the VMAs last week, which had us going "WTF?" But he showed up to close out Season 7 of 'America's Got Talent' by performing new single 'As Long as You Love Me' on the finale last night (Sept. 13).

The Biebs has retained the denim and leather clothing combo that defined his style and image for the first phase of promotion for 'Believe' and which has served him well. He wore waxed black jeans and a denim jacket with metallic silver sleeves and fingerless gloves while he busted moves that would have made the late Michael Jackson proud.

Big Sean joined Biebs on stage, and they dropped the rap parts of the song together, like a seasoned duo. The Biebs was surrounded by a dozen dancers of both the male and female persuasion throughout, as well.

Post-performance, Bieber ripped off his jacket, showing off the big guns. Well, not really since he's still a child! This behavior generated more deafening screams from the females in the crowd. When the singer came off the riser to talk to 'AGT' host Nick Cannon, you could barely hear a word he said -- he was trying to promote his new tour -- since the shrieks were so freakin' loud.

Big Sean, dressed in a red leather baseball jersey, even prompted his cohort to address the ladies as a measure to get them to turn down the volume on the hysteria. The Biebs acknowledged the Beliebers, saying, "Wassup, ladies," and the plan to get 'em to tone it down backfired, since the screams only got louder.

The 'AGT' performance was quality, but it wasn't anything we haven't seen before. Solid singing. Solid dancing. Still, we'll take it.

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