Stop us if you've heard this one before. Justin Bieber has been accused of – get this!!—smoking weed. Again. No, the accusation doesn't come from one of his Calabasas neighbors, either.

A pilot has said that The Biebs and his posse got stupid high in an SUV on the way to the airport before boarding a private jet for a coast-to-coast flight. Once their ride pulled up to the aircraft on the tarmac, pot smoke poured out of it. The pilot said the plume of smoke was so thick that he "almost had to put on an oxygen mask."

That's a lot of pot smoke!

The pilot further said, "It was like 'Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke.'" The pilot did say that the singer was "baked out of his mind," too.

When asked to sign a credit card authorization form for the flight, The Biebs was slightly confused, saying, "Huh? What? Who am I signing this for?"

It's said that the singer didn't continue the party during the flight but his goon squad did, sucking on Swisher Sweet blunts. It was legal for them to do so, since this was a private flight, one that cost 60 gs.

And that's your daily dose of Bieber behaving badly.. if the pilot is to be believed.