Kanye West is no longer in the hospital. Yeezy has officially left the UCLA Medical Center and is back at home with his wife and kids, according to TMZ. Kanye reportedly left under the care of Kim Kardashian and his physician Dr. Michael Farzam, who called 911 last week out of concern for the rapper's wellbeing.

The Chicago native was admitted for "temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration" following the cancellation of the Saint Pablo Tour. Since then, various reports have attempted to posit why Kanye had this breakdown. One attributed it to anniversary of his mother's death. Another said he's dealing with severe paranoia and depression. Yeezy allegedly believes that people are trying to ruin his marriage.

Kanye's stepbrother Hal Carmichael has been the only family member to speak publicly about the situation. Carmichael spoke to The Sun and asserted that 'Ye doesn't feel safe.

"No one thought Paris would happen in a million years and now he’s seen it happen to Kim, it’s traumatizing,” Carmichael said. “Ye is tired, he’s hurt, he feels betrayed and he’s probably feeling depressed. I think Kanye got to a point when he was fearing for his life and for his family’s safety because of what went down in Paris – I think it took a toll on him. He ends up walking about worrying and thinking, who’s going to do what to me?”

There may be some merit to that claim. Kanye and Kim recently got rid of their longtime bodyguard Pascal Duvier.

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