Leave it to Kanye West to make a great proclamation on Twitter. However his recent announcement is something we might agree with.

The Life of Pablo rapper explained that after watching Zoolander 2 for the second time, he was just blown away by Will Ferrell's comedic abilities and then gave him "god status."

"Will Ferrell has reached walking living breathing god status!," Kanye tweeted. "His existence is a blessing."

In a series of tweets, Kanye compared the actor to Bruce Lee as well as thanked him for 15 years of great comedy. You can see his full speech below.

Aside from his love for all things Ferrell, Kanye also revealed the title for his next album.

"My next album is titled "Turbo Grafx 16" as of now…," he tweeted and added, "just on some super nerd vibes… one of my favorite gaming systems when I was a kid…"

He reminisced that he played "Super Hunter" on the Neo Geo gaming console with his friend Mali at his mom's house.

While he just dropped The Life of Pablo, it's not too surprising that he made this announcement because we have a feeling that he may change the title five times before this new one actually releases.

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