According to People MagazineKanye West will not face charges for nearly causing a riot Sunday night and early Monday morning outside Webster Hall.

On Tuesday, an NYPD spokesman told the publication that the Chicago artist won't be punished for luring massive crowds -- an estimated 4,000 people -- to the streets outside the venue. The number of fans that came out to East Village at 2 a.m. resulted in multiple acts of vandalism.

West tried to throw a last-minute concert Sunday night at Webster Hall after his Governer's Ball set was canceled due to the weather. However, things didn't go according to Kanye's wishes. A little after 2 a.m., Webster Hall tweeted, "There is no late show at Webster Hall tonight. Please get home safely."

Former NYPD detective Nick Casale tells People, "[Kanye's] actions Sunday were irresponsible, which would almost be a compliment for a guy like Kanye. In my opinion, what he did Sunday night did not cross the threshold of criminality."

Casale continues, "I could see one of the people who had their car damaged maybe filing a lawsuit against him, but it's really kind of a stretch to even hold him civilly responsible."

Former NYPD policeman and current criminal justice professor Eugene O'Donnell spoke with People, as well.

"Not every dumb idea should be criminalized," O'Donnell states. "You must show there was some sort of intent behind his Tweet and that he wanted to create a tumultuous situation."

On Monday, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted at Kanye, encouraging him to throw a block party benefitting the NYC youth. Stay tuned to XXL for updates on the potential block party. Will 'Ye and de Blasio actually end up collaborating on this event?

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